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oil change Firewheel

oil change Firewheel

The true mark of a need to change the oil is the mileage. The truth is that the measure is defective and will not be indicative of the car’s real requirement for an oil change. Fresh and clean oil improves the performance of the vehicle by lubricating the parts and keeping the engine operational. While high mileage does contribute to problems with the fluid, it is not an absolute criterion of when you should get the oil change in Firewheel.

Signs that your car needs an oil change

A dashboard notification

An evident and effortless need for an oil change comes from the light signal on the board. The light message is notifying you that the engine has overworked and is at risk of losing its health. You can confirm the reduced oil by checking the engine with a dipstick.

Noisy engine

Oil is a lubricant for the engine parts. A knocking or rumbling sounds indicates a lack of a protective layer between the elements. The noise will get louder when you fail to refill the oil or improve its operation program.

Color change

Clean oil will have an amber color and be decently translucent. Continued use of the oil turns the oil dark due to dirt particles from the engine’s parts. You should be able to see the dipstick in the oil when everything is in proper order.

Smelly interior

A buildup of oil dirt restricts proper airflow, which is essential in releasing heat from the engine. Overheating will cause the gas to smell inside the car. It could also indicate leaking oil, which deserves immediate attention.

Exhaust smoke

Smoke signals that the engine parts may not have proper lubrication or possible oil leak.


The rule of thumb is the car should get an oil change every 3000 miles. New cars can skip the first 3000 miles and require a replacement after 6000 miles.

Benefits of an oil change from Lube Masters

An oil change from Firewheel is an easy and painless process. Our modern auto shop will provide the vitality needed to keep your car in good shape for an extended period. You should not delay replacing your oil until there is an evident problem in its operation.

Keeps the engine clean

Changing the engine involves changing the filters. These filtrations prevent a buildup of sludge due to collection of dirt and dust. Schedule an oil engine to ensure the proper functioning of the engine by reducing the accumulation in vital points.

Increased engine life

You will maintain the right amount of friction between parts when you reduce wear and damage due to reduced oil levels. Components such as the crankshaft, connective rods, and pistons will have optimum functionality when they do not have muddy distractions.

Improved mileage

The following factors affect the mileage of your car:

  • The environment’s air
  • Terrain
  • Driving habit
  • Vehicle maintenance

A buildup of oil and dirt within the engine is the number one culprit of increased friction. Friction reduces the engine’s performance, which ultimately increases the gas mileage. Schedule an oil change in Firewheel for quick and inexpensive services that will breathe life to your car.

oil change Firewheel
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oil change Firewheel